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Welcome to Be-Bound

Internet network is weak in many places in the world. About 50% of the global population does not have regular access to the Internet; this number reaches 75% in India and 78% in Africa. It slows down the development pace of many apps. For them, much of the global population remains unreachable clients.

Be-Bound extends business mobile data connectivity to work on the widest spread mobile network (2G), which covers 95 % of the world population, allowing data connection anywhere, no matter the network available (from WiFi/4G/3G down to real 2G-SMS), their quality or saturation.

  • In emerging countries, Be-Bound multiplies your addressable markets up to 3 times.
  • In developed countries, Be-Bound solves critical connectivity issues to increase your business.

Be-Bound guarantees constant connection for any smartphone user, addressing low or no-data connectivity issues. We bring users a true app experience and monetization opportunity when there is no internet network, reaching even the most remote regions and users who cannot afford data plan!

Be-Bound Technology

Be-Bound Technology includes:

  • A global network of servers between your App and Connected Services that provide seamless and secure connectivity services.
  • A complete software solution that boosts the performance and security of professional mobile apps and services. See more details here.
  • A compression and optimization algorithm for enterprises to enhance the user's experience.

Be-Bound Overview

Reasons to include Be-Bound Technology in your company

Be-Bound Advantages

Expansion: Power your business

  • Enable business in isolated areas or when networks are saturated: Enable business in isolated areas or when networks are saturated. Apps often struggle because of insufficient networks. `Be-Bound technology makes smart use of each available network to enable your apps to work everywhere
  • Recruit new customers: Being able to address new geographic areas enable you to reach people living or working there. Be-Bound’s unique technology works without Internet coverage. You acquire a massive competitive advantage by being the only one to do it!
  • Receive all the uploaded data from your field operators: Many businesses struggle because they cannot receive updated data from the field. IoT may be an option, but the total amount of data that can be sent is really low. Be-Bound technology has no limit on the total amount.
  • Always maintain communication with your agents wherever they are: You can keep in touch with them even when they go out of covered areas. You have access to real-time data which may reduce drastically your costs.

Optimization: Boost your application

  • Improve the user experience: Thanks to very powerful compression algorithms Be-Bound is able to reduce the size of the sent requests drastically. When the GSM network is used, a good compression may transmit a request with one SMS instead of two.
  • Send photos wherever you are: Thanks to powerful algorithms and longtime expertise on SMS transmission, Be-Bound is able to reduce the size of every request and send them even in areas with low available networks.
  • Make your app utilization perfectly reliable and ensure the good reception of every communication: Be-Bound Augmented Reliability makes your failure rate of request plummet near to zero. You improve the user experience and guarantee efficient use of your app.
  • Increase the battery lifetime of the devices: With Be-Bound, your apps are optimized and use less energy to work. Battery from your field agents’ devices will be saved and you will never have untransmitted information because of shutting off devices anymore.

Security: Protect your clients

  • Secure every data transmission between the app and the backend: Be-Bound has developed patented and powerful security technology. You are protected against malware attacks
  • Strengthen the confidentiality of your customers: Every request is fully encrypted to make it hardly decipherable. Data privacy has become one of the major pain points for customers
  • Maintain the integrity of the data: Be-Bound has developed unique tools based on the complementarity of networks (Wifi, 3G/4G, GSM) to split requests into several pieces and make them almost impossible to intercept all.
  • Guarantee the authenticity and the non-repudiation of information: The security level enabled by Be-Bound is unique. Special protocols also enable to confirm that the request has not been intercepted.

Partnership with Be-Bound

Your company needs a partnership with Be-Bound to get access to Be-Bound development tools. You can get one by contacting us at Support. We have a tailored solution for you:

  • Our solution adapts to your requirements: You can choose the way you work with Be-Bound with either locally hosted (On-Premise), Private or Public Cloud solutions.

  • Support: You can have access to various documentations, tutorials materials as well as to our developer web console to help you integrate Be-Bound's technology within your projects. Optionally, you can also benefit from on-site supports and personalized training sessions.

Integration Team

Implementing Be-Bound Technology in your current Project requires a combined effort of different sections of your company.

To ensure successful integration, it's recommended to create a multidisciplinary team, with strong knowledge in the different involved areas (e.g. mobile application, backend, infrastructure) and adequately synchronized.

The recommended team should be composed by:

  • Be-Bound Integration Manager
  • Integration Team
  • Backend Developer
  • Infrastructure Admin
  • Mobile Developer (Android or IoT)

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Welcome to Be-Bound

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