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Be-Bound Architecture

Be-Bound Technology is composed of 4 (3+1) main blocks working together, as shown below:

Be-Bound Overview

Be-Bound Network

Be-Bound Network is interconnected with various regional telecom operators (MNO) and SMS aggregators, hence enabling wide-scale deployment of your Be-Bound Projects. The Shared Cloud and Private Cloud options are deployed and managed using AWS (Amazon Web Services), and are based on:

  • Micro-services architecture.
  • Highly scalable and fault tolerant.
  • Secure and GDPR compliant.

If your Project has special security requirements Be-Bound has an On-premise option, where the whole solution is directly deployed within your IT data centers.

See more information Getting started.

Be-Bound Developer Console

Be-Bound Console is a web-based application that allows you to create, manage, deploy and monitor your Projects. Through Be-Bound Console you can configure and personalize the usage of the Be-Bound Network.

Additionally, when you want to create a new Be-Bound Project or integrate Be-Bound SDK into an existing App, the console will assist you, step-by-step, thanks to developer-friendly features, tutorials and ready-to-use project templates.

See more information Getting started.


Be-Bound provides some developer-friendly SDKs (Android, Linux, Java) to allow the integration of Be-Bound’s technology within your Projects, and will boost your addressable markets and user engagement, being used by millions of users who currently can't access the Internet in any other way.

See more about the different Be-Bound SDK currently available here and here.


Be-Bound Manifest

Be-Bound Manifest is an XML file which describes the communication between your App and your Server, being a key factor in the optimization of the transmitted data. This file is shared by the Be-Bound Network (managed through Be-Bound Console), the Android SDK and the Server SDK.

See more information Getting started.

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Be-Bound Architecture

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