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Getting started

Be-Bound Console is a web-based application whose objective is to help developers to manage, deploy and monitor their Augmented Projects.

More specifically, this console provides the following features:

  • Create and manage Be-Bound Projects.
  • Troubleshoot and deploy Be-Bound Projects across the Be-Bound Network.
  • Monitor the deployed Be-Bound Projects in terms of usage (e.g. SMS/data consumption, etc.) and adoption (e.g. number of users and devices, etc.).


Be-Bound Console has two types of users available, each one with its different characteristics:

  • Project Owner represents the company administrator who will be in charge of creating projects and assigning them to Regular Members.
  • Regular Members represent the members of the project (e.g. developers, testers, etc.) who will be responsible for configuring, designing, and testing Augmented Projects`.


The features available depends on the roles.

Features & Roles

A Project Owner can:

  • Manage Be-Bound Console, including:
  • Creating new Be-Bound Projects.
  • Managing Be-Bound Projects.
  • Managing the development team (Regular Members).

See more details here

Project Owner and Regular Members can:

  • Manage Be-Bound Projects, including:
  • Analyzing and visualizing usage metrics.
  • Writing new Be-Bound Manifest.
  • Configuring Server webhooks.
  • Validating and testing the connectivity with the remote Server.

See more details here

Getting Access to Be-Bound Console

Project Owner

A Project Owner can be created only by Be-Bound when the partnership is signed with your company.

If your company hasn't a partnership with Be-Bound yet, please contact us at [email protected].

Regular Members

The Regular Members can be created by your Project Owner. Contact him to grant access to new regular members.

See how to the Project Owner creates Regular Members here.

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Getting started

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