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Personal Data Management

  • User information: the users' phones numbers and ICCID (SIM card IDs) are stored in a secure database at the Be-Bound Proxy to ensure the end-to-end routing and delivery of messages between mobile Apps and their Servers. These data are transmitted to the proxy during the Subscription process, see more information here.

  • SMS Messages: when sending a SMS Message, which consists in several SMSes, Be-Bound Proxy needs to store the received parts in memory caches, until the whole Message is correctly reassembled, or until a predefined timeout occurs (5 minutes).

  • Logs: for debugging purposes the Messages may appear in our internal log files. These logs are deleted after a period of 7 days.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

Be-Bound Technology includes an optional feature to guarantee the end-to-end security of the exchanged messages in terms of Messages encryption and/or signature. You can find more details about how to implement an E2EE solution using Be-Bound's SDKs: 1) at the Server side (cf. here); and 2) at the Mobile App side (cf. here).

Since the secret keys will not be known or managed by Be-Bound, and should rather be managed by third party developers, the confidentiality is fully garanteed. Be-Bound will not be able to access or decode the exchanged Messages.

Connection Between Be-Bound Network and your Server

The connection between Be-Bound Network and your Server use HTTPs. HTTPs is the defacto standard to secure communications on the Internet (e.g. payments using VISA card, access to online bank accounts, etc.). As long as you have a valid SSL/TLS certificate on your Server, Be-Bound Network will deliver the Messages safely.

If the SSL/TLS certificate is invalid or expired Be-Bound Netword will not deliver the Messages to your Server.

Security and Continuity of the Service

Be-Bound infrastructure is hosted on Amazon AWS, with all the advantages that it brings. Find more information here.

Be-Bound Network as Proxy

Be-Bound Network share most of the characteristics of regular Proxy servers (cf. here ), where all incoming Messages are checked and validated against predefined data models, hence protecting your Server from malicious data requests and attackers.

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